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Ibrahim Coskun's paintings


In two catalogs published together with the art historian Tayfun Belgin I emphasize the political status of Coskun's works: 'Depopulated villages, orphaned houses. Ibrahim Coskun sketches a Kurdistan that, if the circumstances do not change, will only be home to ghost towns. Ruins of stone and fossilized homeless souls. Hate potential sated for countless generations'.

Ibrahim Coskun calls his works created between 1997 and 1999 "Earth Images". This is his very personal working title, officially hardly any of his works bear a name.

Now and the artist even succeeds in deciphering ancient mysteries. The term "earth" then takes on a haptic quality on the canvas, becomes three-dimensional, alive. A whirlpool of longings opens up to the viewer, whose strongest pull is a desire for touch. Foreboding that under the grace of the colors lies another metaphysical treasure.






- Art book 'Spuren' (ed. Tayfun Belgin, Birgit Kahle), 2000

- Art catalogue for Exhibition Art Vision by Otto Nagel UNIQ, Istanbul 2015




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