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In October 2005 Torsten Schöneich (graphic designer and passionate chef) and Elmar Schumacher-Wahls (vehicle- and body maker, at the time present with "Saftkraft" & the production of freshly squeezed juices) founded 'TörtchenTörtchen' in Cologne. They just wanted to offer some really good cakes. But not just any. They felt that German patisseries were entirely lacking influences from their French counterparts. So they set up the tiny 30 sqm bake house in the suburb Neuehrenfeld and spruced up the shop in the "Alte Wallgasse".


At some point Mathias Ludwigs joined in, a multiple award-winning confectioner and patissier of 2009. Today this dynamic young trio caters not only for the renowned German Television Prize, but also offers extremely entertaining patisserie courses for anybody. All this is happening increasingly online - for instance on youtube.

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